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Andie Suggs
Written by Andie Suggs

HighLevel Integration

Get started with the HighLevel Integration

Step 1: Authenticate and Authorize via API Token

  •  Login to your HighLevel account. The API token will be under Settings > Company. Copy the key under Company Data.

  • Go to LeadFuze app, click on Integrations under Settings

  •  Turn on the HighLevel Integration switch

  • Paste the token into the text field, choose if you'd like to sync leads Automatically and/or Require Email, then click on Authenticate

Step 2: Create a HighLevel Campaign

Step 3: Send Leads to HighLevel

  • LeadFuze does not send existing leads to HighLevel right after authentication as the user hasn’t selected the target campaign yet.
  • Choose a list and select a HighLevel campaign for that list. There are two different ways to send leads to a campaign.

A. Send leads Automatically

  • In order for this to work, make sure the SYNC LEADS AUTOMATICALLY? option was turned on here

  • In order to send leads automatically to HighLevel, the user needs to first manually select a campaign for each list he/she wants to export automatically.
  • Every time leads are added to that list, they will automatically be sent to the selected HighLevel campaign in the settings.
  • If no campaign is selected for the list, leads from that list will not be integrated automatically to HighLevel.
  • Click on Lists under Lead Search

  • Then click on the 3 dots to the right of the list you wish to manually send to HighLevel

  • Click on Integration Settings > HighLevel

  • Choose a campaign then hit Save

  • Newly added leads from this list will now be automatically sent to the chosen campaign.

B. Send leads Manually

This is useful when:

a. List has no default campaign to automatically send leads to.

b. To change the campaign for a lead that was sent to HighLevel automatically by LeadFuze.

  • Within your Lists, click on Show Leads to the right of the list where the leads you'd like to send manually are saved

  • Click on All Leads from the drop-down option:

  • OR Select individual leads by clicking on the check boxes to the left of each lead then click on SELECTED LEADS OPTION

  • Then click on Send Selected To > HighLevel

  • Choose a campaign then hit Save

Step 4: Verify the data

All the lead attributes and the lead email from LeadFuze will be uploaded to Contacts> Contacts/Smart lists and LeadFuze will appear as the Source.

That’s all there is to it!