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Andie Suggs
Written by Andie Suggs

Zapier Integration

To enable Zapier integration, go to Integrations under Settings

Then turn on the button for Zapier

It will open a new tab and direct you to Zapier with an invite from LeadFuze. Click on Accept Invite & Build a Zap

It will ask you to log in or create an account if you don't have one yet.

Once logged in, click MAKE A ZAP

Search for (and select) LeadFuze

The trigger is already done for you which is when a lead is added. Click Continue

Click on Sign in to LeadFuze

A pop-up window will appear and ask you to input your LeadFuze API Key

Go to LeadFuze app and click on API under Settings


Give your API Key a name and click on Generate Key

Click on the copy icon to copy your key

Paste your API Key into the pop-up window and click on Yes, Continue

Your LeadFuze account should now show. Click Continue

Click on Step #2. Do this...

From there you can integrate LeadFuze with any other app that Zapier integrates with.

Some ideas:

  • Send email status update alerts into your CRM or into Slack… this can be helpful for salespeople to be notified so they can hop on a call soon thereafter with a prospect.
  • Stopping an email sequence to someone that goes from cold email link to free trial sign up in Intercom.
  • Create a task in your favorite task management app whenever a lead OPENS an email so that you can follow up.
  • Moving a lead to a different list to trigger a different email sequence
  • Send leads to your CRM
  • Send alerts to your Slack when leads get added for salespeople to vet / qualify
  • Send leads to your outreach tool of choice to fire off cold email campaigns
  • Send leads to dialing systems to start calling them
  • Send data to create new tasks in your task management system to start researching them
  • Send to Gmail to create a draft emails to manually personalize